Advice to the Hopeless - March 13

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Good evening Joe Bob,

Well, I don't remember how many years it has been now since I used to stay up EVERY Saturday night and watch monster movies with you on TNT. Monstervision was the program I looked forward to every week and I miss it very much. The drive-in totals, the bug zapper light, the Monstervision Song (and I still remember every line), and who could forget those gorgeous mail girls with the legs that went on for days!

You just can't find quality programming like that anymore. I found this great site of yours this evening and I hope all is going well for you these days, Joe Bob. Seeing you again through the website is like seeing an old friend again and it's nice to be able to contact you here too. Anyway, I'm going to check out the site some more and see what you've been up to these days, have a great night!


Dear Matt,


Preciate the nice words, man. I was just in your town. How ironic. I was there for the Dark Carnival festival in November.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hi Joe Bob,

Have never had any luck naming this film,, time to ask the expert. (you) The time was 1976/77 on the late-nite movie on WBZ ch4 Boston. Pretty sure the flic was b/w. Had some white hunters and a babe on safari in Africa. So they go into a village (are welcomed ok) to spend the night. After dinner ,i guess,, native dancing starts,, the white babe (was british looking if that helps)joins in the dancing,,starts to unbutton her blouse,,and out they pop !! I fell off my chair. I had never seen tities on TV before. Like i said ,,this was 1977,, long before cable tv !! Hope ya can track this down !!




Are you telling me you saw garbonzas over the public airwaves during the Jimmy Carter administration. Are you sure you weren't drinking too much Billy Beer?

I'm sure one of my fellow drive-in mutants will come up with the title...anyone?

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Sorry to bother you with a question that's unlikely new for you, but since I haven't found answers elsewhere: I miss your DVD commentaries! Will you be doing any more? They really lift my spirits like nothing else, especially the Steckler ones. Are you aware of this petition: . No it may not be the tidal wave that got WB to rerelease Cruising, but it shows I'm not alone. :)



Thanks for showing me that. No, I didn't know there were people clamoring for more commentaries. The original company I did the commentaries for, Elite Entertainment, is out of business. But I'll look into it. I do enjoy it.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hi Joe Bob:

We Still Love You Here in Oakland CA, & Monstervision Forever.  1983's Screwballs Was Better Than The Evil Dead Though.



And it's because of the performance of Linda Shayne, a/k/a Bootsie Goodhead, isn't it? Never before in cinematic history . . .

Preciate the nice words, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob