Advise to the Hopess - May 19

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Joe Bob,

Please check out our new(ish) video podcast Flying DVDs Of Death:

the only video podcast dedicated to the cinema of ass kicking. We say bad words and talk about kung fu movies (mainly... we talk about other movies that include ass kicking as an integral part of their plots, too).

You can find us at or even subscribe to the show with iTunes. We come out on Wednesdays (ummm, that is new episodes are released). In our Halloween show, we even talked about your brilliant approach to movie criticism.

Hope you enjoy the show,
Horizon Monster Productions

Dear Michael,

Obviously you guys have the gift of bullshi . . . I mean, the gift of careful explication of the filmmaking process . . . so thanks for keeping that drive-in spirit alive, and thanks for the plug.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Greetings Mr. Briggs,

Consider me a big fan. Like many big fans, I've waited until now to reach out to you and tell you how much of a fan I am, because very soon in this email I'm going to ask you for a favor. It's shitty the way that seems to work, and I'm no better a person for acknowledging the system, but regardless, I can honestly tell you I've been following your career since my old man and I used to watch you on Joe Bob's Drive-In Theatre on TMC back in the early 90's. You haven't lost any of your edge since then, and I'm hoping I can see you on the tube again soon (or even on some internet-tube thing).

Anyway, without further adieu, I'm asking you to take eight minutes of your time to check out my short film, "Blood From A Stone." It's a quick throwback to fascist, right-wing 80's action-comedy starring the closest approximation of Brian Bosworth (Stone Cold era) I could scrounge up for 300 bucks. If you don't vehemently dislike it, and wouldn't mind giving it some type of minor write-up on your site, that would be absolutely huge. Unfortunately the breast count is nil and the it's a short film (which I'm not sure if you cover), but regardless, I think you might get a little kick out of it anyway. I'd really appreciate it if you took a look at it. Either way, though, as long as my selfish motives have caused me to send this email, I'd like to say thanks for all the insight and the laughs over the years and I look forward to more.

Here's the link...

We had a decent festival run, which you can read about on the video page...

Thanks much,
Bill Palmer


Ah yes, I was transported back to the golden days when scum-hating street-sweepers routinely cleaned up El Lay and New Yawk with one-liners and unlicensed weapons. You really know your stuff. I'll spread the word and we'll plug "Blood From A Stone" on my website. Thanks for sharing.

Preciate the nice words, too.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

Have you ever seen Pick-Up ?  Real 70's piece of shit.  I just reviewed it here with my friend Randy:



Great job, man, you pretty much summed up all the principal psychedelic truth of the flick that, personally, I prefer over "Smokey and the Bandit," which I do believe came out the same year. Thanks for sharing, I'll tell the faithful.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

I'm the Giuseppe from Baltimore that commented on your Mountain Dew drink on Monstervision during the Friday The 13th moviethon that you did on that show. Please catch me up on things. How's things going?



Did you put that up on youtube or something? Things suck and they're crappy, as usual. Thanks for asking.

Preciate the continuing support, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hey JB,

You don't remember me but we use to email each other quite a bit about 20 years ago. Shit, time flies.... I lost track of you back then when my Life changed over night and I found myself quitting my job and moving to Arizona. I was talking with my partner at work tonight, we're both fans of rather abstract movies, and I mentioned you to him. Turns out he's a big fan of yours too. I just wanted to drop you a note to say I am really glad to see you're still out there!!!

Keep 'em thinkin!!!!


Thanks for reconnecting! It's never too late!

And thanks for the nice words.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob