Advice to the Hopeless July 18

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Dear Joe Bob,

I really enjoyed your commentary on the "I Spit on your Grave" DVD.

When I first heard Siskel and Ebert describe it, I couldn't believe it was truly a "pro-rape" film. When I finally saw it, it was clearly the contrary.

The stark simplicity and directness of Zarchi's style worked very much in it's favor.

I can't help wondering what you think of the recent remake. It was a slicker production (and "artier") but I found it incredibly hollow. The second half really is from the point of view of the attackers and the heroine becomes completely unsympathetic, reveling too much in the torture to the point where she even kidnaps the cop's daughter and does god-knows-what to her. There's ultimately a feeling of "everybody loses" in this version. Was that the point?





I can't really tell you what they were going for. I guess it's just one of those stories that's destined to be misunderstood. But I do agree that the remake was heartless.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Hey Joe Bob,

Is it possible that you attended the Random Acts of Kindness Sandwiches for the SoupMobile, making sandwiches for the homeless on July 2, 2011? If NO, someone was playing in the sign-in, making you famous once more.

You could look us up, and if you're in Dallas at 10:30 this Saturday (every Saturday, actually) you could stop by and help feed the homeless.

I'm a great fan but lost track of you after your column in the newspaper disappeared, yo those many years ago.

Come see us or at least post on our facebook:
facebook/random acts of kindness & facebook/SoupMobile




Well, it wasn't me but it should have been! Sounds like you've got a great thing going there and I'll spread the word.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob Briggs.

Having lived in the Big Apple for 8 years a while back I loved this story.  You nailed it. Hey if there were more cyclists who knows the pollution might go down and people could start wearing clothes in COLORS, not  just black to match the smudges of street level exhaust. Ooooo.

Great job,


Even if every person in Manhattan converted to the bicycle, there would be one Middle Eastern guy devoted to running us all down.

Preciate the nice words.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

Thanks for putting the proper perspective on the dang, dangling Weiner file. It was still in his pants, mostly. I challenge anyone , anywhere, to go to anybeach, world, and not find the hairiest grossest man who insists upon wearing the ballsack,tinycoldpenisshrink bathing suit. Better yet, turn me
loose in the Senate workout room alone , mirrored on all 4 sides with power to vote on women's rights in Angola, and I'd be jackin-off too. Where to send the images is problematic, however.   If your name is Weiner, it has plagued you your whole life. And a Jewish boy must have to tell early what's kosher or not. Life ain't easy for anyone of us. Life it's ownself usually settles down, but not out............


Dear Lee,

You make an excellent point--namely, that with a name like that your whole life, THE SUBJECT IS GONNA COME UP, isn't it?

Preciate the nice words, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Dear Joe Bob,

I have read rumors that you own the rights to Monstervision. If true, would Monstervision be available in the near future via download or some other format? Thanks.



Well, I do have all the masters of all the MonsterVision programs, but of course I don't own the rights to the movies. It's a quandary. What would you suggest?

Hang in there,

Joe Bob