Advice to the Hopeless Aug '12

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Dear Joe Bob

I got into a argument with my trappin buds Sted Owder and Dewey Makefish ( I include their names so that hopefully the proper humiliation level can be achieved when they are proven WRONG). You remember Lurch of the Addams Family?

I said he is definitely a zombie while Sted maintains he is a vampire. Dewey, always out in left field, is so sure Lurch was made up like the Frankenstein monster outta spare parts by Grandfather Addams. I knew we had to take this to the world expert on these matters, and once the $2.50 bet was down, we all agreed that only the great Joe Bob Briggs could be relied upon for the correct answer.


May the Drive-in never die! And if it does, may it always return from Death, like our pal Lurch musta!

Ever a fan,


The grand prize goes to . . . DEWEY! Lurch is a version of the Frankenstein monster and was assembled from spare body parts. Only his heart is true Addams.

Preciate the nice words, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Hey Joe Bob,

Have you ever thought of doing a podcast? I know they can be time consuming, but even if you only did one a month it would be pretty awesome.



I know what you mean, but the idea of a podcast has never really gotten me that excited. Maybe you can talk me into it . . .

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Joe Bob,

Big fan from way back! Have three dozen weekend guides from Dallas Times Herald 1984/1985 in really good condition -- any value to you? Hope you are well.



Are you asking me whether there's a point in time when the Dallas Times Herald Weekend Guide would become valuable on Antiques Roadshow? I
doubt it! Preciate the nice words, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Joe Bob,

Thank god you're still kickin ! I used to watch your tv stuff,and 11 yrs ago, I left Ca. , and moved to Bumfuk, Arkansas.My ex and i came here,trying to get away from all the b.s.,and it sorta worked out. After 1 yr here,we split up. She remarried and I got my freedom. We have joint custody of our son,and decided to stay.THERE ARE NO DRIVE-INS HERE! There's one about 100miles from here. That's it, but it's too cold in winter. I miss working in ,and on films,but ,oh ,I'm glad you're still around !-Good to see you somewhere besides my vcr.



You've got to EMBRACE the Farkleberry Spirit, man. I spent half my childhood in Arkansas and it's largely responsible for what I became. Chug some Wiederkehr's while wearing a hog hat, that always makes things better.

Preciate the support, man.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob


Hey Job Bob,

Been reading Job Bob goes to the Drive In and I been wondering what's your take is on SciFi Channel releasing all this B Movie esq films? I realize they're indoor bullstuff but most seem like they'd have been decent drive in films.



Well, of the three B's--Blood, Breasts and Beasts--SyFy only gives us one: BEASTS. No breasts at all and no blood to speak of. Who do they think they're snookering?

Preciate the support, bud.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

Hello! I've been a fan of yours since your 1980's show on cable! Obviously we're both so old we don't have time to waste so I should just cut to the chase - I loved your gathering of
movie hosts in 1991 and I wanted to make sure you were aware of my recent exclusive interview with movie host Randy Clower. He and Richard Malmos used to host the Texas 27 Film Vault late Saturday nights in your old Dallas stomping grounds so you may well remember the show.

Plus my blog is just weird enough to appeal to you I hope. As a minimum here's a link to my Randy Clower interview.


Dear Ed,

Thanks for sharing those memories. Ironically, we used to shoot "Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater" at Channel 27 studios, the same place where Randy and Richard worked.

Preciate the support!

Hang in there,

Joe Bob