Advice to the Hopeless - Feb 4th

WRITING - Advice to the Hopeless

Hi Joe Bob,

I thought you might enjoy John's glowing tribute to you in this month's Unimonster's Crypt.



Thanks for sharing--and he used a pic that I sent to YOU, right? Awesome.

Joe Bob

Mr. Briggs,

In my first correspondence with you I told you I was headed out to get a "tie thingee", but it seems your taste in neck attire is somewhat elusive. So I just used a shoe string and a Ross Perot campaign button. Just thought I'd let you know.

Do you have a lot of random people contact you and ask about the mail lady? I bet you do.

Once again, thanks for all the awesome things you have done. I am going to Barnes and Noble this weekend to try to find one of  your books.... I can't order from you directly because the credit  card companies feel understandably adverse to me.

Take care of yourself and have a good day.



Don't be shy. What do you REALLY wanna know about the Mail Girl?

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Hey Joe Bob,

I was wondering whatever happened to Carl Fredericks and Jimmy Steel from Madman? There's no trace of them on the internet.




Well, that just shows you the limitations of the Internet, doesn't it? There are still deranged people who know how to hide!

Man, that's a long time ago. What made you think of that movie?

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

Great to find you in Facebook, I write about movies since  2004 and I have to say you are such a influence to my writing since I started reading your reviews.

I wrote about EVIL EVER AFTER last week, enjoyed you there, even if  you portrayed such a nasty character:

Best wishes,



Thanks for the great review. (Well, I don't speak Portuguese, but I'm assuming it's great.) How many drive-ins are there in Brazil?

Joe Bob