Advice to the Hopeless - August 24th

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oe Bob,

Have you provided any new commentary material on DVD lately? If not, then are you planning some in the future?  My friends and I love the titles released a few years ago, but we can only watch Samurai Cop and Bloodshack so many times. We need fresh meat! Thank you for your time good sir.



Thanks for asking. There's a possibility I'll do one this summer. I think I've done 12 of those suckers. The DVD biz is not what it once was.

Hang in there,
Joe Bob

Hey Joe Bob,

I'm from Memphis and as weird as it sounds it's a city that in the early 1980s was just about considered the world capital for professional wrestling. That was a lot of years ago, lol. Anyway, I've been in touch with
a lot of the old wrestlers and people who were around it and I've been writing a book on Memphis Wrestling. Specifically the book goes into detail about 1982. This was the year the Jerry Lawler took on Andy Kaufman in April and then the two went on David Letterman in July. While not exclusively about Kaufman and Lawlers feud, it does have the biggest chapter in the book.

With Andy Kaufman's connection and your slightly off center approach to things, I thought the world's top B-movie reviewer would fit in perfect in a book about southern wrestling and an off the wall comedian who was drawn to it, lol.  If you're willing to, I'd sure appreciate a few comments regarding Andy Kaufman, his uniqueness, the bizarreness of his even doing this, etc. Hell, pro wrestling from before the time of Hulk Hogan is even more obscure than drive-ins and I'm just trying to document those times before they are forgotten forever. Anything you'd be willing to add would be welcomed from the "Hollywood" side of things would be appreciated.

Thanks Joe Bob



I'm not that up on my Memphis wrestling because all the wrestling I watched in the eighties was at the Sportatorium in Dallas, which was pretty much owned by Fritz Von Erich. If you remember The Fabulous Freebirds--Michael Hayes, Bam Bam Gordy and Buddy Roberts--I had a wild night out drinking with them sometime around the period you're talking about, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to summon up more than 25 percent of the memories of that. I do think Andy Kaufman got a bum rap, because he trained for that bout and deserved more respect for it.

Hang in there,

Joe Bob

Dear Joe Bob

I just wanted to thank you for Joe Bob Goes ot the Drive In- which I  bought many years ago when it came out as Penguin Original here in  the UK. I have recently gone back to reading it (and others) to try  and switch off from my attempts to enter into proper book reading  academia (PhD style). Book learing in universities demands - well it  demands and thats about it - Ive had to unlearn everything I knew  about writing and start again, which is a tad dull.

I used to review films for my local paper when I was a journalist and this was unfortunately in a town where they dont have drive -ins (Cambridge, England) but I managed to see about 6000 in 20 years- I  also managed to review films I didnt get a chance to watch and publish rhetoric on classics Id heard about from friends- surely people  under-estimate how busy film-going can be and sometimes life just gets  in the way.

So I was very happy to see you have your own website and I shall make a point of finding your other titles. Apologies if my message has rambled a bit - Tremors is on TV and I think I'm having a bad reaction

With best wishes


I'll never forget my UK book launch, which occurred on the same day as the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. I spent my entire time in England sharing radio shows with the OED editor. I nominated the gerund "aardvarking" for the dictionary, but I don't know if the editors ever took the suggestion.

At any rate, thanks for the nice words, bud.

All my best,

Joe Bob

Joe Bob,

I was just thinking. You know how Riff-trax is doing releases to theatres of various films... maybe you should do something similar... talk to some folks like Corman and such to get started... market a Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Classics package or maybe a DVD box set of Joe Bob's Drive-In Classics like you did with Frankenstein's Daughter, but in box sets of four (like TCM's Classic Films) or more. Public domain films with a Joe Bob logo and commentary. I got some good stuff as part of my package of new movies to go with the projector... but I know if I had looked for a Joe Bob Briggs box set... Corvette Summer, Laserblast, Snake People, and Zardoz would have been on it. If nothing else... a Joe Bob Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! release (currently shamefully out of print).



Maybe you should be my agent!

Thanks for all the excellent ideas, bud.
Hang in there,

Joe Bob