Live Girls

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"Live Girls" by Ray Garton

Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

Peep shows seduce with the promise of beautiful women who are there only for you.

But one establishment offers something extra. At "Live Girls," a nondescript storefront in a seedy side street off of Times Square, it's whispered that the girls are willing to provide oral sex in exchange for some cash on the side.

The girls make some extra money, and the men leave satisfied. Of course, it is puzzling that the men leave feeling weak and dizzy and later discover puncture wounds on their penises. . . .

Yep, vampire blow jobs. The story is told from the point of view of two different customers who keep going back for more. One is a doughy businessman bored with his wife, and the other is a good-hearted doormat of a guy who's just been dumped again. The businessman embraces the dark side wholeheartedly, while the doormat is more reluctant. Pursuing them both is a reporter who suspects that there's something odd going on at Live Girls. The vampires are seductively scary, the humans are bewildered yet determined, and there's a lot of sex. Really, what more could you ask?


Leisure, 1987
ISBN 0843956747