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Target Acquired

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"Target Acquired" by Joel Narlock
Reviewed by Steve Chaput

Before reading this book I had a basic understanding of what a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) was. I'd seen photographs and video of the Predator in Afghanistan, supposedly used to hunt down members of Al Qaeda. After finishing Narlock's novel I think I know more about them than I wanted to.

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Grand New Party

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Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream by Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam
Reviewed by Karl Wolff

The United States has a lot of problems.  On occasion, someone might have a bright idea on how to solve those problems.  This book, asserting it can fix all America’s problems, the GOP needs to offer an agenda that would help a pan-ethnic working class.

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Hank Ketcham Complete Dennis the Menace

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"Hank Ketcham's Complete Dennis the Menace: 1951-1952 (Volume 1)" by Hank Ketcham
Reviewed by John R. Platt

It is easy to dismiss "Dennis the Menace" these days.  The comic strip has been around for so long, and become so ingrained in our culture, it is almost invisible.  But "Dennis the Menace" was--and remains--one of the all-time strip successes, both commercially and artistically, a situation illustrated by this wonderful volume, the first in a series hoping to bring the entire "Dennis the Menace" strip back into print.

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The Siege of Mecca

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"The Siege of Mecca: The 1979 Uprising at Islam's Holiest Shrine" by Yaroslav Trofimov

Reviewed by John Bloom

The last two months of 1979 were cataclysmic for the world. On November 4 Iranian students stormed the American embassy in Tehran and started the hostage crisis that would drag on for more than a year and destroy the presidency of Jimmy Carter. On December 25 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, beginning the series of events that would destroy the Soviet Union.

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No TIme to Hide

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"No Time to Hide" by Rob Palmer
Reviewed by Steve Chaput

I actually wanted to like this book better than I did, but I don’t blame writer Rob Palmer for that.  It just seems that of the last four books I’ve reviewed this is the third one featuring political turmoil in Cuba as the backdrop.  Also, considering the current events taking place on that island the stuff here seems dated.

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The Drowning Tree

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"The Drowning Tree" by Carol Goodman
Reviewed by Tracy Satterlee

Juno McKay does not want to attend her college reunion. She never even graduated; she got pregnant her senior year and was asked to leave the small private college she attended.

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The Sticks

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The Sticks by Andy Deane
Reviewed by Karl Wolff

In a literary marketplace still riding the wave of vampire fiction created by the Twilight series, it’s nice to see a book that focuses more on werewolves and is actually scary.  If you’re horror cravings demand adult language, cleavage, firearms, blood, carnage, and ultraviolence, then do yourself a favor.  Pick up The Sticks by Andy Deane.

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The Julian Secret

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"The Julian Secret" by Gregg Loomis
Review by Steve Chaput

Writing the second book in a series can be a difficult proposition.  You have to acknowledge returning readers who have already been introduced to the recurring characters and situations, but give enough information to new readers so they are not lost. I didn’t know that this book was part of a series, but writer Gregg Loomis quickly got us up to speed once the main characters appeared.

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Revolution in the Air

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"Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals turn to Lenin, Mao and Che" by Max Elbaum
Review by Mark Bellis

Marxist-Leninism-Maoism and the 60s both have had the clock run down on them but they still keep on coming back like a vengeful singing... well anyway. This is supposed to be about the momentous impact that 60s radicals had on whatever it was they were angry about.

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