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Not a Soft Drink

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All the newspapers in Bogota, Colombia, had big headlines and editorials last week about the Dee Cee mayor getting arrested for being a coke-head.

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

I can't get Jessica Hahn out of my mind. I'm trying. I keep saying to myself, "Well, okay, that's it, she's gone, she's history, we won't be hearing about her again."

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Cheap Plastic

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

My Abdomenizer came in the mail so fast I didn't even have to wait four to six weeks. "It's here! It's here! The Abdomenizer is here!" I yelled out to Wanda Bodine.

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Too Many Choices

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

A couple years ago this store called Bizmart opened down the street from my house. It's an office supply store the size of Argentina. Eighteen-foot-high metal shelves full of Sticky Notes.

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

I didn't realize until this past year that I had a stunted, unhappy, unnatural childhood development. My mama WORKED all the time.
Of course, we didn't know you weren't supposed to do this.

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Wrong Number

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My Mastercard bill came in with $367 worth of charges from the Love Line 900 number, and I'm furious. There's so many irresponsible people in this world,

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Sacred Ground

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What if a white man--let's say a professor of anthropology at Kansas State University--discovered an Indian culture in Utica, Michigan, that had NEVER BEEN STUDIED?

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Sticky Points

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Packs of wild women are roaming the streets of New York City, ramming hat pins into the necks of women they don't like.

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Flag This

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

My nominees for this month's Duelling Dimwits are the people who are burning up the flag, and the people who are BEATING UP the people who are burning up the flag.

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