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Still here

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Item #1: The Freddy Krueger doll has been pulled from national distribution.

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Playing Nice

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Did you see the news footage of all the pasty-face French goonies chunkin eggs and bread at Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck? There they were, Mickey and Donald, tails all fluffed up, ready to cut the ribbon on the new Disney World complex outside Paris,

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Deep Thoughts

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

"Hey, Joe Bob, how come there aren't more women in your business?"
Whenever ladies ask me this, I don't know if I'm being attacked, like I'm doing something to keep

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WRITING - Joe Bob's America

They had some film on NBC News last week of this East German gal who had just arrived in the West and was walking out on the streets for the first time.

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All Together Now

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

For the last couple years they been fighting over how to carve up Dallas. They wanna make it into about 37 different sections--sections for white people, sections for black people,

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Uneducated Money

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

It's times like this when idiots like me decide to invest in the stock market.

We don't know any better.

Sure, we know what you're gonna say.

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This has happened before

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

This letter came in the mail one day with a picture inside of a dead elephant with his face ripped off. My main squeeze, Wanda Bodine, took a look at it and got so hysterical we thought we were gonna have to call the Life-Flite Helicopter.

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Still Tribal

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

I finally figured out the difference between a Serb and a Croat.
Okay okay, I know what you're thinking. It's ABOUT GOLDANG TIME, right?

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Tainted Love

WRITING - Joe Bob's America

Has anybody ever gone to a marriage counselor and actually FIXED their marriage?
I mean, what's the batting average here? After about 80 years of having this profession, aren't we hitting about .001?

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