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Shout The Truth

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Here we go again with that pesky First Amendment.
A few weeks back, I wrote a column about how nobody believes in free speech anymore, and how Shinehead O'Connor got booed off the stage

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Not What You Think

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Back when I was growing up in Little Rock, they had a thing in the Arkansas Legislature called the Hillbilly Factor.

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Freedom of Divorce

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Have you heard about the "Divorced But Proud" movement?
(Before I get into this, I have a question. Why does everyone have to be in a "movement" to begin with?

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Soda Wars

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For several weeks now I've been haunted by the weird, macabre and downright scary story of The Missing Soft Drink Machine. I can't think of anything else. I think about it all the time.

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Mind Reader

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Everywhere I go I meet these psychic people. Psychics to the left of me, psychics to the right of me. And the ones who AREN'T psychic PAY psychics to tell em psychic stuff.

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Game of Life

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Lately I've been trying to figure out what you have to do to get a great obituary written about you. Besides die, of course. Because it seems like all the rules are changing.

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Out of Order

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Last year this woman sued Goldman, Sachs, the big Wall Street muckety-mucks, for sex discrimination. Basically Joanne M. Flynn said she got fired because she was a woman.
So a jury listened to both sides of the case.

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Trained Homeless

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Lately I've been working in New York City and meeting these Homeless People on the subway. I have to capitalize it like that--"Homeless People"--because they talk about themselves like it's a new nationality, or maybe a career choice. They say it proudly.

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Choose Your Doom

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The old fight about "women in the board room" is starting up again.
No way we can allow women in the board room.
Never work.

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