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New York Diary: Fort Soho

WRITING - John Bloom

I enter Fort Soho from the east.

I know Soho is under siege because the previous night I've seen scattered bands of refugees, fleeing north from their million-dollar lofts, pulling burnished Louis Vuitton bags on wheels,

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New York Diary

WRITING - John Bloom

On the 42nd floor of Tribeca Tower, four long caddy-corner blocks from One World Trade Center, the picture window rattled and the floor shook in the way that people describe earthquakes, but the sound was deceptive.

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Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?

WRITING - John Bloom

There's been a lot of musing in the press lately about the explosion in black-white marriages.

Maybe "explosion" is a little much. Of the 1.5 million mixed-race marriages in the country, most of them are whites with Asians and whites with Hispanics.

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Our National Schizophrenia

WRITING - John Bloom

The mood of the country entering the third year of this strange new century is that of a paranoid schizophrenic.

On the one hand we imagine conniving enemies behind every kiosk in the mall and sinister cabals plotting our destruction in the desert warrens of far-off barbarian fiefdoms.

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Caherine Criert Gets Real

WRITING - John Bloom

I parked myself in Catherine Crier's messy lived-in office on Third Avenue one recent morning, and we proceeded to spend half the day solving the problems of the republic.

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Internet Shopping Spies

WRITING - John Bloom

This is the time of year when Midtown New York looks like a beautiful oil painting--and when New Yorkers avoid it like a Holland America cruise ship.

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Copyright is Copywrong

WRITING - John Bloom

Whoever turned "copy right" into one word had to be a lawyer. We don't say "freespeechright" or "gunright" or "assemblyright" or "religionright."

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Iraq Is Our Land, Too

WRITING - John Bloom

Every decade or so, we should remind ourselves of who the Iraqis are:

1. Twelve thousand years ago, they invented irrigated farming. They got to be so good at it that, today, they can still produce all the food they need even when "sanctions" are imposed.

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Networks Dazed and Confused

WRITING - John Bloom

Were the Tuesday-night election commentators exhausted, stunned or just plain bored? Normally you have to go to an opium den to find this much torpor.

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