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Juries that Actually Decide? Blasphemy!

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In America we like our juries dumb and predictable.

God forbid they should know anything about the case they're judging, much less the law they're judging it by.

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The Litigation Lottery

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Prince Charles is getting hammered by the London press for writing a series of letters to the Lord Chancellor trying to influence government policy. Okay, nothing new about that. He must have been protesting the plan to ban fox hunting, right?

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How-to-Catch-a-Sniper Lessons

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Two of the most depressing Sniper Alert news conferences occurred Wednesday when a Montgomery County Police Captain lectured the public on "How To Be a Good Witness," and then again Thursday when the police essentially said many of the eyewitness reports from the Home Depot shooting were worthless.

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Okay, Hon, I Won't Call You Hon

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I haven't been able to find a strict academic etymology for the word "hon," which obviously derives from "honey," which in my home state of Texas derives in turn from "honeychild," but I would place it in the linguistic group which should henceforth be known as Saccharinity Personal Pronouns.

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The City That Never Sleeps

WRITING - John Bloom

At the corner of Bleecker and Macdougal, in the heart of Greenwich Village, where Jack Kerouac once held forth during all-night drinking bouts and the Mafia once threw three-day wedding parties, there were cops this weekend roaming the sidewalks with . . . decibel meters!

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The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing Chicago Columnist

WRITING - John Bloom

One day Bob Greene was here and the next day he was gone. What was weird about it was the way it happened.

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Should 9/11 Be a Holiday?

WRITING - John Bloom

Last Wednesday sure did feel like a holiday.

Holiday means holy day, and that day was so holy you had people prostrating themselves on Ground Zero, keening, praying, invoking the Almighty, calling on our ancestors (notably Lincoln), and, oddly enough, talking a lot about forgetfulness.

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Sanitizing Courthouse Dirt

WRITING - John Bloom

Back in the eighties we kept this book in the newsroom called the "Federal Investigator's Manual." We needed it, since most of us ink-stained wretches had never bothered to get any private investigation training and we learned everything on the job.

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The Bedrock at Ground Zero

WRITING - John Bloom

Scarcely a day goes by that I don't give someone directions to Ground Zero. They start coming up out of the downtown subways at the crack of dawn, clutching their New York City tourist maps, which are sorely deficient in Ground Zero information.

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