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Phantom Liberals

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Where are all the damn liberals?

Please show me one.

I'm waiting.

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Second-hand Smoke Screen

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If you were to be strapped down on a surgical table while four guys exhaled smoke directly into your mouth and nostrils for thirty years, you might get lung cancer forty years after they stopped--but it's not likely.

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Stalin is Enron

WRITING - John Bloom

Stalin is Enron. Let me explain. (I mean Enron in the generic sense.)

Stalin: Beginning in the 1930s, meetings of the Communist Party Central Committee followed a set format that was planned weeks in advance and could not be altered.

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The Kidnap Channel

WRITING - John Bloom

Is anyone besides me vaguely annoyed that the national news networks--especially CNN, MSNBC and Fox News--have increasingly become local TV stations that happen to broadcast nationally?

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Stalinism is Personal

WRITING - John Bloom

We didn't have Communists in Texas. We did talk about them a lot, though.

There was something comical about Communists when I was growing up, and even their vaunted nuclear missiles didn't seem to be THAT real to an eight-year-old boy who reasoned that,

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Yes, Counselor, I'm a Liar

WRITING - John Bloom

One of the most common things you'll hear a trial lawyer say is, "We know he's a liar because he already lied." In other words: if you lie about one thing, then your whole testimony is suspect.

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Heart-breaking Tales from the Newsroom

WRITING - John Bloom

This new book "Coloring the News" will break your heart.

I've worked in journalism all my life, and I had no idea any of this was going on.

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Abortion: New Rules of Engagement?

WRITING - John Bloom

I grew up around these crusty old cigar-chomping managing editors who didn't like to assign you to a story unless you despised the subject matter.

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Literary Blackface?

WRITING - John Bloom

Was Hannah Crafts really a black woman? Was she really a slave? How do we know she wasn't a tea- sipping housewife in Morristown who wanted to help abolish slavery?

I'm just not as convinced as everyone else seems to be that this "new" slave novel is authentic.

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