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Pornographers I Have Known

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Every pornographer I've ever met has been a letter-of-the-law kinda guy. He wants to obey the rules. He wants to cut down his legal costs. He wants somebody to just talk to him about what the rules are.

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Card Carrying Atheists

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I spent last weekend hanging out with card-carrying atheists, and they're definitely a happier bunch than I expected. I thought all that railing against God-- whoops! "god"--would make them pretty cranky.

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Remember Ice Skating

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Quick. For ten points. Who is Marie Reine Le Gougne?

a) The new chef at Le Cirque.
b) The 14th-century patron saint of Lyon.
c) The bipolar French ice skating judge.

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Money Rains from the Sky onto Ground Zero

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Money has been raining down out of the sky directly onto my neighborhood, and it's an ugly sight. For those who live and work around Ground Zero, there are four ways to cash in: the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the September 11 Fund, and the Twin Towers Fund.

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A Mad Genius Passes

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Leo Ornstein, the musical madman of 1914, has died in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the word just now reached New York.

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Doddering Ted Koppel

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Forty years ago Pepsi-Cola--when people still actually called it "Pepsi-Cola"--launched a television ad campaign called "For Those Who Think Young." It was the beginning of the end for guys like Red Skelton, Arthur Godfrey, Milton Berle, Jack Paar--because, in fact, everybody was thinking young. (One of the few careers spared was Ted Mack, whose principal advertiser was . . . Geritol.)

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New York is Baaaaack!

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I've identified the precise moment when New York returned to normalcy.

It was January 9, 2002, the day Michael Musto devoted half his column in the Village Voice to the splendors of drag queens and go-go boys in Washington, D.C., which is, he assured us, "one of the gayest places on earth."

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Winter is Better

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Winter athletes are better than summer athletes. They just are.

When Sarah Hughes dedicated her encore performance to her fallen fellow New Yorkers on Friday night, skating elegantly and movingly to "When You Walk Through the Storm" from the forties musical "Carousel," she showed more class at age 16 than all the American medalists at Sydney combined.

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Defending the Rooskies

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They actually whined their way into a gold medal. And I thought the Canucks had a little more class.

By the way, am I the only person who thinks Jamie Sale is a dead ringer for Geraldine Chaplin, who played Tonya in "Dr. Zhivago"?

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