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Atlantis Casino Resort

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The nineties will be remembered in casino history as the Grass Hut Years. Steve Wynn started the whole deal in 1989 when he opened the Mirage in Vegas and put enough live jungle inside to replant the Amazon rainforest.

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Crystal Park Casino

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It's Cambodian Dance Party Night at the Crystal Park Casino, and the Cambodians are jammed into the ballroom. But the Compton homeboys are scarcely aware of the music drifting their way as they mill around the pool tables in their Kobes, buying rounds at the bar, and

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Desert Diamond Casino

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Desert Diamond Casino has all the charm of a Greyhound bus station full of bikers and bag ladies, but when you're jonesing for a slot machine at 3 a.m., that neon "Open All Night" sign beckons like a beautiful hooker in a Turkish port.

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Colorado Belle

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In Mississippi "riverboat" has become a dirty word. When people hear it, they think of the early days of legalized gambling, around 1992, when promoters were sticking anything that floats on the water and jamming it full of slot machines.

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Fantasy Springs Casino

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Vegas casinos have been a little nervous the last four months, as visitor growth has slacked off, flattened, and in one month even gone down a couple of percentage points.

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The Stardust

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I'm living in a pool-side bungalow at the hotel that was once called the Royal Nevada. Where am I?

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Hollywood Park Casino

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Mike Caro looks like he's either been drunk three days or just had sex with a German aerobics instructor, I don't know which.

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Cahuilla Creek Casino

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There's exactly one car on the rutted desert highway that runs past Cahuilla Creek Casino. It's my car. I've almost turned back twice because it doesn't seem possible that a place this barren and remote could harbor actual life forms, much less a casino.

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Hollywood Casino

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She was spoiled, bratty, sultry, dripping in jewels, sculpted into her designer gown, and glaring at me from the other end of the craps table.

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