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A poster for the movie Exists

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Exists’: Vehicular slaughter of juvenile Sasquatch leads to poor campout experience

We can’t do a round of woods flicks without getting the tall creature with the oversized tarsals involved, so to close out this month’s reviews, we’re due for a Bigfoot…

A genetically mutated animal movie poster featuring rave reviews.

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Animal’: Genetically mutated wildebeest/wolf/bear/boar hybrid makes people hole up in a cabin in the woods

As our annual month in the woods flicks winds down for another annum, Animal, a 2014 flick by director Brett Simmons (You Might Be the Killer), found its way onto…

A poster showcasing The Village in the Woods

Ben Nagy reviews ‘The Village in the Woods’: Aspiring pub owners meet Druidic cabal looking for lunch

A couple decide that they’re going to reopen this inherited shuttered inn/pub called The Harbour in the latest woods flick we’re checking out, aptly titled The Village in the Woods…

A poster for the movie Backcountry, featuring a bear.

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Backcountry’: Some days you get away from the bear, and some days the bear gets you

Two unprepared young people in love meet a mean bear, which ruins their camping trip, in 2014's "Backcountry."

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