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Our guest writers bring their own unique perspectives and voices to the world of drive-in cinema and horror.
Please note that their opinions are their own and may not always reflect the views of Joe Bob Briggs hisself.

Ben Nagy reviews ‘The Eclipse’: Super werewolves do not appear; eclipse sighted in name only

People were asking me how we’ve been preparing up in Cleveburg about the potential onslaught of super werewolves we might get at 3:15 or thereabouts p.m. today when the total…

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Mercenaries’: Lady convicts forced to free president’s kid from the country of Borat

The Asylum — close personal friends of Joe Bob and Darcy — like all studios, can be hit or miss when it comes to their output. For every lightning-in-a-bottle “mockbuster”…

Ben Nagy reviews ‘The Package’: Stone Cold tries to deliver; Dolph pontificates on food

I haven’t written a review for a while. I didn’t write any snow-horror flick reviews in January. I was incommunicado during Kung Fu-bruary, even with the extra Leap Day. I…

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Aiming for holiday horror cult status, the film mixed dark humor and a televangelist subplot, intriguingly tying Easter and rabbits to themes of rebirth and unquenchable desire, despite mixed reviews.

JoBlo Interview: Joe Bob sits down for a sess with Jessica Dwyer @JoBlo

Jessica Dwyer chats with Joe Bob about horror journalism, the significance of movie hosting, classic horror and Sci-Fi, retro TV, and more!

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