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The Last Call Roll Call

The Last Drive-In dispatches from Laura Beerman and T.J. Denton

The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Put a Spell on You: Tammy & the T.Rex
Two future box-office draws got their start in a thrown-together flick featuring an animatronic dinosaur with a very limited availability Nothing gets the juices flowing...
The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Put a Spell on You: The Love Witch
Buckle up, hon. Biller’s Technicolor homage was one wild ride.
The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Saves Christmas: Dial Code Santa Claus
The Christmas (and commercial) spirit can’t be abated by COVID.
The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Saves Christmas: Christmas Evil
Be nice or we’ll bring you something horrible…
Halloween Hideaway: Recapping What Happens When the LDI Crew is Stuck in a Cabin in the Woods
If you missed it live or want to relive it, here’s a recap of The Last Drive-In Halloween Hideaway special that Shudder showed on October...

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Ben Nagy Reviews ‘The Condemned’: More than a decade ahead of ‘Fortnite,’ Steve Austin Got a Victory Royale
Champion pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made the move to starring in movies back in 2007 with the action flick “The Condemned,” where a...
Ben Nagy Reviews ‘Bait’: It Takes a Lot of Planning to Have Sharks Attack a Grocery Store
Sharks invade an Australian grocery store after an earthquake and a tsunami in “Bait,” a 2012 flick that serves as a precursor to the whole...