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The Last Call Roll Call

The Last Drive-In dispatches from Laura Beerman and T.J. Denton

LAST Call Film School | POV
This week, it’s the shot that launched a thousand drive-in flicks. Not countin them private boudoir films you got hidin in your closet.
LAST CALL Film School
A multi-week crash course through the films of The Last Drive-In. You might just learn somethin.
The Last Drive-In | Mutant New Year’s Resolutions
Let’s make 2020 bloodier, breastier and beastier than ever.
The Last Drive-In | Twas the Fright Before Christmas
You didn’t think we’d let the holidays go by without manglin a classic, now did ya?
The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob’s Red Christmas: Sad Songs
You didn’t think Joe Bob would do a traditional holiday special, now did ya?

The Screening room

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Doom Room’: Don’t let the rhyming title fool you, this is serious stuff
Doom Room, despite the rhyming title and the appearance of being a Saw or Hostel-type torture fest, has higher things in mind and an existential...
Ben Nagy reviews ‘Greystone Park’: Three people go into an abandoned asylum, one has a camera — what could go wrong?
Greyston Park’s setting is creepy enough, but the restrictions of the found-footage format get in the way of some interesting ideas that could have been...