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The Last Call Roll Call

The Last Drive-In dispatches from Laura Beerman and T.J. Denton

The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Saves Christmas: Dial Code Santa Claus
The Christmas (and commercial) spirit can’t be abated by COVID.
The Last Drive-In | Joe Bob Saves Christmas: Christmas Evil
Be nice or we’ll bring you something horrible…
Halloween Hideaway: Recapping What Happens When the LDI Crew is Stuck in a Cabin in the Woods
If you missed it live or want to relive it, here’s a recap of The Last Drive-In Halloween Hideaway special that Shudder showed on October...
The Last Drive-In | Summer Slumber Party: Slumber Party Massacre 2
Slumber Party Massacre is not the seminal 1980s slasher epic people point to as the pinnacle of the genre, but it was still worth a...
The Last Drive-In | Summer Slumber Party: Victor Crowley
High-quality Victor Crowley might seem like old-hat to the most seasoned Drive-In Mutant, but we keep coming back for more chills and more community.

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Ben Nagy Reviews ‘Pontypool’: Communication Breakdown Leads to Great White North Massacre
A radio host and his crew broadcast the rampage of marauding infected folks in rural Ontario, Canada, in the “War of the Worlds” radio show-inspired...
Ben Nagy Reviews ‘Silent Night’: Update of Holiday Terror Classic Puts Bodies in Santa’s Bag
The most-infamous killer Santa flick got reimagined in 2012 in “Silent Night” when a killer Kringle starts slaughtering folks in a Wisconsin town on Christmas...