The Last Drive-In | Season Three-o, Week Eight-o: Sledgehammer and Things

Do not adjust your tracking (actually you should) — Joe Bob had VHS Night on The Last Drive-In. (Art by T.J. Denton @TDenton_1138 on Twitter) The shortest episode of this season of The Last Drive-In was the one that may have tested the constitutions, attention spans, eyeballs and, verily, the souls of Mutants everywhere the most. […]

Ben Nagy reviews Clinton Road ’til he cain’t no more

Yeah, I’m gonna glue my eyeballs to the old Clinton RoadI’m gonna watch ’til I can’t no more Ice-T plays an exposition-delivering night club owner and we get six clueless people wandering around the woods near where this guy’s wife disappeared in a quest for the dreaded “closure” for himself and his missing wife’s sister […]

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Midnight Runner’: Senioritis is contagious … and violent

The new kid in the neighborhood with a violent past struggles to fit in with everyone else in Midnight Runner, a movie that’s reminiscent of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, with a synthesizer-fueled soundtrack but a lot younger cast. Ian (Ben Weinswig) had an incident six years ago that landed him in juvenile detention – his […]

Ben Nagy reviews ‘Landing Lake’: Can anybody fly around here?

A group of four accented Euro antenna repair folks traipse out into the wilderness in a van on an assignment to fix some sort of messed-up satellite repeater device in an unidentified location in Landing Lake. If you like long walks in the woods, men from around the United Kingdom shouting profanity in various accents […]