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Callin All Mutants!

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-Post by Ben Nagy – @BJ_Nagy

We think that Joe Bob reviewed the movie The Boogens in the Dallas Slimes Herald on Feb. 5, 1982, but a copy has not been archived cause Joe Bob said that Bobo Rodriguez was still mad at him for callin him a dumb snit in public in his second column and went Glopola Fu with some nacho cheese sauce on the articles Joe Bob had cut out and stacked up at the trailer. (They got over it, but it took a while).

Callin All Mutants! 1
Bobo, we know it was you. You broke our hearts.

We tried lookin for a copy of the review at the Dallas Public Library but some high sheriff at the Slimes Herald didn’t send the entertainment section in to be microfilmed that week, so it isn’t there, either. That means that we still need a print copy of Joe Bob’s Boogens review so if anyone out there has it, we’d preciate it if you’d send it along.

We’re missin another one too. Joe Bob remembers that he ducked out early on Thanksgiving week in 1982 after the Cowboys beat the Cleveburg Browns and instead of going to his third niece’s dance show in Olentangy Port, Arkansas, he went and saw Swamp Thing. He reviewed that too in the Nov. 26, 1982, Dallas Slimes Herald as evidenced by the fact that the flick got seven Drive-In Academy Award nominations when those were announced in his Feb. 25, 1983, column. (Basket Case whooped Swampy’s butt, though). Thing is, once again, someone messed with his archive at the trailer. Best he can recall, it was probly a female acquaintance who got sick of lookin at the column cause for a long while Joe Bob says he kept it in a prominent place on the refrigerator to match the prominence that Adrienne Barbeau had been displayin in that flick. He thinks that the jealous visitor must of took matters into her own hands.

Callin All Mutants! 2
Adrienne Barbeau’s Swamp Thing cover once occupied hallowed space on Joe Bob’s fridge

We also struck out at the library with the microfilm cause some high sheriff lackey at the Slimes Herald once again neglected to send in a vital piece of drive-in history in to be archived as it should have for the sake of mutant posterity. It’s situations like these that make you realize how important it is to be a little selective when it comes to lettin people use your fridge.

So if someone somewhere has Joe Bob’s review from 2/5/82 (we think it’s for The Boogens) and/or his review of Swamp Thing from 11/26/1982, send us a scan via the Contact webform. In return, we’ll send you a Drive-In Mutants t-shirt!

Preciate the support.

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