Chainsaw Redux: Making a Massacre

Not Rated
1 Hour 16 Minutes


There is no denying that the creators of the new TCM put a lot of time and effort into making the film. Never is it more apparent than watching this documentary on the DVD.

Simply put, this is awesome stuff. There is more insight here from so many different players that it is quite amazing to see all of them involved. Bob Shaye adds his two cents, as does Bay and every star of the film. I love this aspect of a DVD. If you don’t have a documentary and some commentary, then it just means to me that you don’t care enough about your fans to make a DVD worth buying. These guys do care about us and it is omnipresent in this documentary. You want to know about the fights on the set? It’s in here. You want to see the actors imitate their fearless director? It’s in here. You want to see one of the actors get undressed and walk off the set at the end of his shooting schedule? It’s all in here.

This is a very well made and interesting documentary about the making of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.