1991 – 2000
Not Rated
TNT Network

Joe Bob Briggs

MonsterVision would typically show two films per night, though several episodes were much longer, such as the 1997 “Super Bowl Sunday Special,” which consisted of sixteen continuous hours of horror movies. That being said, on usual double feature nights, Joe Bob would appear anywhere between sixteen and twenty-four times throughout the movies, significantly more than he did on his previous program, Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater.

In these segments, Briggs would discuss the films, and more, from the inside and outside of a staged trailer home with a green neon TNT sign in the background. Joe Bob was also frequently visited by one of a succession of ‘mail girls,’ including Honey (Honey Michelle Gregory), Reno, Kat (Kathy Shower), Summer (Cheryl Bartel), and Rusty (Renner St. John), who not only served as attractive, comedic ‘sidekicks,’ but also brought Briggs fan letters, sometimes from actual prisoners.

TNT also added the segment Joe Bob’s Last Call, which was used to showcase the final movie of the night. The show also occasionally featured guests such as rapper and actor Ice-T, and directors Wes Craven and John Waters.