Roar: The Most Dangerous Movie Ever Made

Not Rated
42 minutes


“Roar,” is the 1981 film which combined actors and numerous lions, tigers and other wild cats. Members of the original cast and crew speak about their experiences while filming this movie in this fascinating documentary.

With an uninspiring plot, a box office loss of $15,000,000 and with over 70 people injured, including a number of near fatalities, “Roar” was one for the ages. This wasn’t a Jackass movie made by teenagers, this was a cooperative effort by a large group of film professionals over a seventeen year period. In the most charitable, open-minded and forgiving forum of philosophical thought or casual discussion it is beyond reason how this folly isn’t dismissed and denounced as an insult to human judgement and intelligence.

This well produced documentary brings other points of view to the table, all backed with reliable information to help explain how and why this films’ production and competition was even remotely possible.