A man in a suit sitting next to a pumpkin at The Last Drive-In, Halloween Hootenanny, Pt. 3.
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The Last Drive-In | Halloween Hootenanny, Pt. 4

Your name in lights! Well, at least pixels. It's all the Mutant shout outs from Friday's show

Friday night was a great night for the fans. The Halloween Hootenanny featured Mutant creativity, from marionettes, carved pumpkins and trading cards to Michael Myers cosplay and psycho theories. Joe Bob and Darcy say check it out! If we missed you, let us know!

Episode 1, Halloween

  • Michael Myers cosplay: Joseph O’Brien, Toronto; Insomniac Zac, suburbs of Chicago; surfer Michael by Lito Velasco, El Lay; MICHELLE Myers, Tucson, AZ; Andrew Ren, Laredo, TX; and Justin Raymond, Apple Valley, MN
  • Trading cards, from Steven Borkofsky of Deer Park, NY
  • Executive pussy stretcher, from let us know who you were at the Retro Invasion Weekend, Columbus, OH!
  • Carved pumpkins: Joe Bob pumpkin, from Ian Fetterman, Lehigh Valley, PA (based on Last Drive-In art by Justin Osbourn, from Lawrence, KS). Darcy pumpkin, from Alex “The Pumpkin Geek” Wer, Sacramento, CA
  • Joe Bob marionette, from Lori and Danny Fusello of “My Best Fiendz” studio, Rockland, ME
  • The Joe Bob Briggs Fanzine, from Jennifer Manriquez, Fort Worth, TX
  • The Last Drive-In blog on joebobbriggs.net, by Laura Beerman, Nashville, TN
  • The Last Drive-In graphic art on joebobbriggs.net and other fine locations, by my partner in crime T.J. Denton, Columbus, OH

Episode 2, Halloween 4

  • Michael Myers cosplay: Justin Owens, Garrett, KY; James McKnight, Chicago; Austen Ochoa, El Paso, TX-who gave Michael theories too!
  • Michael Myers theory: Justin Raymond, Apple Valley, MN; John Payne, Iselin, NJ; David Hines of El Lay; Leslie Lopez, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Gary Duffey of Modesto, CA; Chris Jericho, Tampa, FL; Elizabeth McKinney, Reidsville, NC who also bought the Michael Berryman doll; Ezra Cold, Savannah, GA; Ben Pine, Saginaw, MI; my homie Jimmy Detroit, Long Beach, CA; and Tony H., Rockledge, FL
  • Mail Bag! Sgt. Jeremy Julian, Ft. Stewart, GA

Episode 3, Halloween 5

  • Michael Myers theory: Caleb from Georgia; Michael Harriger in Michigan; Kyle Thatcher, Millville, PA; Victor Valor, Toronto; Jennifer Manriquez, Fort Worth; James from Hubbardston, MA; Jesse Wilson, Sioux Falls, SD; Thomas Canning, Dunfermline, Scotland; Andrew Ribeiro, Sussex, NJ; Terry Morgan, Glendale, CA; Vera, Minneapolis, MN; two more homies, Leigh Evans, Tulsa, OK and Pete Soards, Phoenix, AZ; Boogeyman, Dayton, OH; Ron Deen, Charlotte, NC; and D.C. Kurtz of Pennsylvania
  • Darcy’s sweet fan-made t-shirt: Let us know who you are friend!
  • Halloween III threats: Tom Atkins

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