A bloodied woman sits on a couch during The Last Drive-In's Season 1 Week 4: Wolf Guy.
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The Last Drive-In | Season 1 Week 4: Wolf Guy

はいつもの華麗で席巻ハンサムな自己. If you know what we mean, and we think you do.

In this episode, Shinichi “Sonny” Chiba is Wolf Guy, 神秘的な犯罪を解決するために彼の野生の、満月活性化超大国に依存している狼男の一族の唯一の生存者. One night, 東京の通りで奇妙な、血まみれの死は、曲がった政治家, but Miki 裸の白人女性、室田英夫のようなビット選手が移入する広範囲に及ぶ陰謀に彼を突入させる. Plus a phantom tiger, and best of all – 影のある組織!

Spoiler Alert! 何も言ってない.

Wolf Guy is packed with memorable quotes, like “Tonight smells like 人類が犯したもう一つの流血事件” and “There’s a nastier pathogen than syphilis. It’s the one they call 人間の憎しみ.”

If you know what we mean and we think you do. Along the way Joe Bob, はいつもの華麗で席巻ハンサムな自己 (ha!), the Japanese Action Club, and “I gotta get a new shirt.”

Here are those Drive-In totals:
The Cliff Notes…
  • 78 Dead Bodies
  • 26 胸
  • Psychic Intestine Repair
  • Exploding 山
  • Autopsy Results Indicating 悪魔の
  • Flute-Enhanced Breast Suckling
Last Drive-In's Last Call

最後の呼び出し: Darcy Dances with Wolves

Job Bob:あなたはとても wolfy 探している.

Darcy: Why thank you sir!

This week’s mail: Molly “The Blogging Banshee” Henery of Lebanon, Oregon

High bidder for the awesome Michael Berryman doll: Elizabeth Thurston of Reidsville, North Carolina. Benefiting: SeacrestWolfPreserve.org.

Next Up:
The 4th graders at Brady Elementary are at it again with 悪魔の風… But first, an oft-requested Joe Bob original…

Blog Ingredients:  ウルフクラン, topical cream, Happy Planner with Lunar Cycle Sticker Pack, 怪しげなナイトクラブ, and one copy of 禅とオートバイのメンテナンスの芸術.

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