Werewolf Santa

Not Rated
1 Hour 18 Min


Santa turns into a werewolf on Christmas Eve, and wreaks havoc in a small seaside town.

Meanwhile, Lucy has a show called “Monster Hunter’s” on Youtube, but it’s not doing too great – just a few viewers follow her fledgling channel. That is until, on Christmas Eve, her camera witnesses Santa get bit by a werewolf in the local park, before turning into a werewolf himself. Lucy and her family then set off on a Christmas Eve adventure to somehow save Christmas, armed with just a rusty ice skate, and a vague understanding of how werewolves operate. Knowledge she gained from all the horror comics she has poured.

This film features British horror royalty Emily Booth (Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse) and Nicholas Vince (Clive Barker’s Hellraiser) who are also both in “They’re Outside”. Legendary drive-in film critic and Shudder personality Joe Bob Briggs will have a special voice cameo on the film as well!

As much a quirky family drama as it is a horror fantasy, Frost Bite is the alternative Christmas movie you’ve been waiting for.