Flick goes big on gore, but an over-reliance on dream sequences and a lack of garbonzas hold this one down

An Irish bloke whose marriage has gone south rents a room from an old acquaintance but then finds out that he’s been targeted by a sinister coven in Wicked Witches.

Mark (Duncan Casey) is the guy who drops his wedding band (or is that a pipe fitting?) out of his Euro Beamer and decides to drive away, away, away from the pain to a rural locale where he has a bit of history. We can tell that this flick happens in the United Kingdom because of the side of the car the steering wheel is on.

Mark (Duncan Casey) finds his next place to stay the retro way — he looks in the paper! (Photo courtesy Midnight Releasing).

Mark, wearing Tom Cruise’s sunglasses from Risky Business (or a reasonable facsimile) does the way-retro thing of looking in the classified section of the local newspaper and finds out that there is a room to rent and it happens to be listed by an old acquaintance named Ian (Justin Morosa). Ian doesn’t necessarily welcome Mark with the most open of arms after telling him during a terse phone call the room is his, though. This is made clear because when we first see Ian in the flesh, he’s re-creating the James Brolin wood-chopping scene from The Amityville Horror and muttering to himself.

As the new arrangement is established via Mark having a joint, tripping and getting laughed at by Ian one evening while listening to some dark metal,  Ian lays down the ground rules, namely that Mark can’t open up the cellar door because there’s “personal” stuff down there. Mark pretty much agrees to this rule but also takes note that there is a demonic sketch next to the cellar entrance (bare-breasted priestess #4 wearing some sort of hoofed-animal’s skull, if you’re curious).

Mark keeps having dreams of aerial views of the surrounding meadowlands and woods and then witches with huge, nasty, pointy teeth who roar a lot and eat off his face. He also gets contacted by his pal, Stevie (Kitt Alexander Proudfoot), one of those guys who is perpetually high and really pumped about an upcoming party out in the sticks where a bunch of middle-aged dudes get together, drink a lot and ingest multiple controlled substances.

Ian (Justin Morosa), second from left, brings the pain to DumpFest in the form of three members of a cannibalistic coven of witches. (Photo courtesy Midnight Releasing).

Party night comes, Mark gets totally wasted and clutches his head a lot. Ian shows up, escorting three women from his dreams who start dancing around the bonfire.  Guess what happens? I’ll give you a hint – teeth get a bit less human-looking, eyes turn all black, blood is spilled, and cannibalistic attacks are involved.

One of the man-eating witches bares her huge, nasty, pointy teeth in this scene from “Wicked Witches.” (Photo courtesy Midnight Releasing).

The gore and makeup effects by Sarah Panigada are a highlight, but there’s an overreliance on the repetitive dream-within-a-dream sequences (usually ending with Mark exclaiming “Jesus Christ” or some variant). Plus the witches’ big demonic orgy of blood resulted in the revelation of exactly zero garbonzas. The same goes for their big scene where they show enslaved thrall Ian who’s boss after forcefeeding him blood from a severed head, resulting in a half-star deduction.

Two stars.

Wicked Witches is available to stream through Amazon Prime Video. Check it out.