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Ben Nagy reviews ’13 Slays Till X-mas’: Barflies tell holiday horror vignettes, then get swatted

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As this year’s holiday review, I checked out 13 Slays Till Christmas, an anthology of a bunch of short films preceded by a fake trailer, all Christmas-related.

Unlike the second feature shown by JB and Darcy on the Ghoultide Get-Together, this one took the conventional anthology route with a framing story and then a vignette and then back to the framing story and then back to another vignette and so on.

The vignettes are uniformly solid. Some are a bit less developed than the others — you’ll always get that when there’s that many cooks in the kitchen and stories to tell in one anthology — but none overstays its welcome. 

Ben Nagy reviews '13 Slays Till X-mas': Barflies tell holiday horror vignettes, then get swatted 1
The priest (Jay Woolston) wishes that it was a bowling ball in that bag in the framing story for “13 Slays Till X-Mas” (Photo courtesy

The framing story is a bunch of people gathering at a local watering hole discussing how there’s a bunch of killings that happened in the town and there’s also a bunch of human trafficking going on in the area, too. So we’re not talking Frankenmuth, Michigan, here when it comes to holiday spirit.

Anyhow, everybody in the bar – a cop, a priest, a guy with a Vanilla Ice hair and a scarf, a guy in a lumberjack shirt who uses a wheelchair, a guy in a Santa suit and the bartender pass the time amusing themselves by telling these creepy stories, as follows:

Vignette 1 – “Like a Family”: A woman is summoned to help decorate the old family home one last time by her sister.

Vignette 2 – “The Devil’s Due”: A single dad and her daughter run afoul of the dad’s doppleganger.

Vignette 3 – “One More Gift”: A couple of killer roommates celebrate the holiday in their own special way.

Vignette 4 – “It’s a Wonderful Death”: A guy considering suicide is visited by the anti-Clarence.

Vignette 5 – “Don’t Kill Santa on Christmas”: Two guys break into a house with murder on their minds.

Vignette 6 — “Kringles the Christmas Clown”: A family is visited by an evil Christmas clown.

Vignette 7 – “Santa Claws”: A bratty brother summons the anti-Santa after playing a Christmas song backwards.

Ben Nagy reviews '13 Slays Till X-mas': Barflies tell holiday horror vignettes, then get swatted 2
Laurie (Kaylee Williams) is menaced by a killer doll in “The Scarionette” vignette from “13 Slays Till X-Mas.” (Photo courtesy

Vignette 8 – “The Scarionette”: A killer doll is unleashed from storage.

Ben Nagy reviews '13 Slays Till X-mas': Barflies tell holiday horror vignettes, then get swatted 3
Sheriff Kalpana (Sonya Delormier) looks for the Christmas Killer in the vignette “A Christmas to Dismember” as part of “13 Slays Till X-mas.” (Photo courtesy

Vignette 9 — “A Christmas to Dismember”: A Christmas killer is on the loose, then gets a visit in the asylum.

Vignette 10 – “Dead Air”: A radio show host makes a career mistake.

Vignette 11 – “Jingle Bellz”: A Christmas party is cursed by killer visitors.

Vignette 12 – “Killer Caribou”:  A guy out in the woods takes care of some special reindeer.

My faves were Numeros Four-o, Ten-o and Twelve-o and even if you don’t like one of the segments, there are a number of in-references to classic horror flicks by John Carpenter and others to keep an eye out for as well.

Ben Nagy reviews '13 Slays Till X-mas': Barflies tell holiday horror vignettes, then get swatted 4

Best Way to Fight Your Vengeful Junkie Sister’s Ghost: Whack her upside the head with a wreath.

Best Dexterity: This doppleganger’s thumb is so strong that he shoves it through the back of a girl’s skull.

Best Pun: The text a dead guy gets from his ex in a posthumous invitation over to celebrate the holiday.

Best John Carpenter Easter egg: “Watch Clark — it’s THE THING to do!”

Best Way to Eliminate a Competitor: Radio host Dean Castle, evidently a fan of late 1980s hip-hip, takes “Hammer time” quite literally.

Best Gift: The anti-Santa is really nice to Parker — she gets two gifts every little sister needs.

Three and a half stars.

Check it out streaming on TubiTV, Plex and Jeff Bezosville or you can get it on physical media directly from our pals at Scream Team Releasing.

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Have a safe and great holiday!

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